Thursday, 26 November 2015

30 days in November 26

Here’s a day in November you may like, today is:

Cake day

Let them eat cake? Well, why not, cake is such a comforting food although I’ve never been a huge fan of the Victoria sponge and I detest chocolate cake. In all honesty I really prefer pastries and biscuits, but I will have a slice or two of cake occasionally. I’m partial to coffee and walnut, love a morsel of lemon drizzle, would never turn down a really good ginger and have been known to partake in a slab of rich fruit cake at Christmas.

Some people though would dine on cake morning, noon and night given half the chance. But be careful, cake has its dangers. Take what happened to my old friend Katie Cake for instance…

The Tale of Katie Cake
(or the eruption of Cakeatoa)

Katie Cake, oh Katie Cake,
All she ever did was bake.
Up with dawn all wide awake,
Setting to with no mistake,
As though her very life at stake,
Nor any rest did she ever take,
Although her hands did pain and ache,
Of other food, she’d not partake,
And water too, she did forsake,
She baked until her legs would shake,
Her tiny eyes turned red opaque,
Her mouth would bleed and knees did quake,
The tips of her fingers began to flake,
She mixed so hard her arm did break!
Eating everything that she did make,
Far, far more than she should intake,
Sponge, chocolate, soft cheesecake,
Jam and icing and cream so fake,
Coffee, lemon and cherry fruitcake,
Her baking was a big mistake,
Consumed too much to tolerate,
It gave her such a bellyache,
Her tummy groaned like an earthquake…

And then poor Kate exploded!


  1. Catherine Halls-Jukes on FB
    Poor old Katie Cake. Lovely picture x

    1. Andrew Height
      Thanks Catherine. She's one of my favorite characters from my doodle book.

    2. Catherine Halls-Jukes
      She lovely and cakie

    3. Andrew Height
      She's also mad as a hatter wink emoticon

  2. Sharon Taylor
    very amusing, does she get batter, or is she now brown bread! (all I can manage on the pun side)

    1. Andrew Height
      Nice buns, sorry puns, Sharon.

    2. Sharon Taylor
      very good