Tuesday, 3 November 2015

30 days in November 3...

Welcome to November 3rd, and today is…

Cliché Day

So let me bring you up to speed. Today is Cliché day, but I’m not sure how we can all get on the same page for this one. Just how do you celebrate a cliché and who had that light bulb moment and came up with cliché day anyway? Either way, perhaps we should take five and celebrate everything that's obvious, predictable, overused and derivative. Well, let’s face it, there’s nothing new under the sun. 

Clichés, we all use them, slipping them into our otherwise original and palatable language without anyone really noticing. To be honest, I quite like them. What goes around comes around and clichés are and do just that; some of them for hundreds of years. Perhaps we should avoid those ones like the plague. Sometimes clichés are threatening; other times words of seeming wisdom and occasionally they are poetic.

And with that thought…

Ode de Cliché

Time will tell
Opposites attract
Haste makes waste
On the right track
As old as the hills
The quiet before the storm
As brave as a lion
All for one, and one for all
Time heals all wounds
Not all that glitters is gold
Not a care in the world
Left out in the cold
All’s well that ends well
The past is the past
It lasted an eternity
Playing loose and fast
Cat got your tongue
Tail between your legs
Don’t get your knickers in a twist
Frightened to death
The writings on the wall
Nobody’s all bad
A shiver down my spine
I’ll swing for you my lad
All is fair in love and war
No better cure than laughter
It’s coming down in stair rods
They lived happily ever after


  1. Neil Barrett on FB
    Nice to see your thinking outside the box.

    1. Andrew Height
      Now you're cooking with gas.

  2. Paul Whitehouse on FB
    My Most hated:
    'No tricks just treats'- Halloween advertising strap lines
    'Low and slow' -massively overused phrase to describe American style barbecue cooking
    'I'm going to grow old DISgracefully' -no you're not your just spouting a cliche'

    1. Andrew Height
      Let's run it up the flagpole Paul.

  3. Pete Bevins on FB
    Slightly off topic but I hate it when people say the proof is in the pudding no it fucking isn't

    1. Andrew Height
      Totally on topic. Classic cliche Pete.

    2. Pete Bevins
      Mixing them up is good, sometimes you're like a bear with a sore thumb Andy

    3. Andrew Height
      Ha ha and you don't know your arse from your canoe Pete.

  4. Neil Barrett on FB
    Out of the frying pan into the pudding

    Andrew Height
    A picture paints louder than words.

    Neil Barrett
    What goes around comes in a nut shell

    Andrew Height
    Don't count your chickens in one basket.

    Andrew Height
    It's better to have loved and lost than crying over spilled milk.

    Neil Barrett
    Yer big girls brass.

    Andrew Height
    It takes one to know a book by its cover

  5. Tim Preston on FB
    "hard work" - I got where I am today by hard work - it makes me want to find out where they live and jump into the bathroom while they're having a bath and shout "Got you - you're not working hard now are you!!!" - also the government use it a lot. I think that it's because it has no meaning and people use it to put other people down

  6. Kevin Parrott on FB
    A tragic story.........
    A few years ago a cinema in Bilbao was packed with people watching the latest blockbuster movie.
    The management had padlocked all but one of the doors as folks were entering the cinema without paying.
    There was a terrible fire and many perished......
    Due to the fact they tried to get too many Basques in one exit.

  7. Maggie Patzuk
    What's that in the road . . . a head?

    1. Andrew Height
      I am loving that Maggie.

  8. Nick Jennings on FB
    At the end of the day, it's nice to know it's in your radar Mr H. Yep, I'm back, like the bad penny I am. So put on ya gladrags or just put me back in my box wink emoticon