Sunday, 1 November 2015

30 days in November 1...

Okay, it's November and for the next thirty days I'm going to try and write about some of the silly days we are increasingly asked to celebrate. So, here are the days we could celebrate in November...

Cook your pet some food day.

'Eating home-cooked meals does you a lot of good: it’s healthy, easy on the pocket, and really tasty. So why not do the same for your pets, who usually have to eat tinned food? Imagine how happy you will make them by simply setting aside some time on this day and make their dinnertime special.'

So cooking for your pets meals might seem a little strange, given that in the wild they wouldn't eat any cooked food at all, but why not? In fact why don't we have pet restaurants? A place you can turn up with Tiddles or Pongo and share a romantic candlelit meal and perhaps a glass or two of w(h)ine.

Well, maybe not the wine, but why not pet restaurants? What self-respecting rabbit wouldn't adore a wonderful tossed salad consisting of dandelion leaves, baby shoots and radicchio? Would Polly really turn her beak up at a medley of chopped fruits and dates topped with a sprinkle of roasted pecan and macadamia nuts? Would Billy the Fish really not enjoy a foam of krill wrapped in a poached nori parcel? 

For the gourmet cat a selection of the finest fish in a cream sauce, for the discerning dog only the most tender cuts of meat; and their owners could eat the same dish if they wanted. Although the biscuits might be a problem.

We treat our pets like the members of the family they are. We have pet friendly hotels, we dress them in clothes, they even get their own Christmas jumpers; so is the idea of taking your pet to a restaurant for a special meal such a silly idea? I don't think so. 

Perhaps I may start a chain. All I need is a name...


  1. Lorna Gleadell
    The Pet Bowl

    Lindsey Messenger
    'Lead' me to it..

    Andrew Height
    I was thinking 'The Doggy Diner' but what about all the other pets?

    Lorna Gleadell
    that's why i suggested Pet Bowl, it includes them all or if you are really thinking of ALL animals....... The Trough !!

    Andrew Height
    See what you done Lorna!

    Lorna Gleadell
    Hey, don't blame me, you started it !!

    Lindsey Messenger
    Or ..Cats Caterer

    Andrew Height
    Pet's Pudding?

    Lindsey Messenger
    Yeah like that... But shouldn't they have a main before pudding

    Andrew Height
    Pet's Pantry!

    Kinsey Graham
    Pets corner

    Tim Preston
    that pic is really scarey

    Tim Preston
    think of the effort frown emoticon

    Maz Powley
    my house!!!!

  2. Nick Jones on FB
    Bring Your Owner

    Nick Jones
    As in Bring Your Own. I'll get my coat...