Thursday, 11 September 2014

Some more rubbish...

Of course before I left Wales I stood for a while by the field and watched the sun set.

Yes, those sunsets have begun again with the cooling of the evenings and the light fading so much quicker and earlier. I love this place with the long cottage in the distance, the crows sitting on the telephone wires as they caw to the sky above. I love those funny grey clouds bobbing on an ocean of orange-red. It’s a peaceful place, a place where nobody can touch me; somewhere I can be alone with my thoughts if only for a while. A place of refuge and tranquility and when the sun is going down, especially when it leaves behind something as spectacular as this, I stop worrying about the fools and idiots and simply breathe.

The frame is a whimsical notion. It seems to sum up what I feel when I am there. A moment in time like a photograph, a snapshot of a peace I know won't last, but at least I can experience for a moment. A calming moment in a beautiful place, my special place that I often go to even when I'm not physically there.

So, there you have it, some more of my rubbish which you can never understand. I hope that you are reading this.

You won't win.


  1. Do you hear me Shouty? You will never win.

  2. By the way, call the boys in blue. I am waiting.