Saturday, 6 September 2014

To the beach...

After being told that I should get a job and start living in the real world yesterday, I want to share this thought with you.

My job is to make the world I want and deserve a reality and always has been. 

Fortunately through hard work and good fortune I can live in the real world that I want without having to work long hours and feel stressed any more. It is called planning. You may have heard of it.

So to that idiot who called me on the telephone yesterday to impart such pearls of wisdom I say: thanks for the advice. People such as yourself are full of it but I'm off to the beach instead.

Have a nice day.


  1. Kieran Goodwin on FB
    I really can't be arsed with people like that, what's so good about the teal world anyway

    1. Andrew Height
      I can't be arsed with them either and told him exactly that. By the 'real world' he means the world that he approves of. Unfortunately that is more like a police state where you just do as you are told. I prefer the beach I'm afraid

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  3. Andy Bickerdyke
    I've tried to get back into the real world... part of me is glad I didn't..

    Kingsley Roberts
    Sounds like you've found nirvana

    Andrew Height
    As close as I need to Kingsley. Of course, you know who is determined to destroy and steal it.

    Andrew Height
    Andy, make your own real world and don't just accept somebody else's.

    Andrew Height
    BTW Kingsley... ℉*¢k him and the horse he rode in on.

    Clare Pritchard
    Good on yer mate x

    Andrew Height
    Sometimes Clare making your own happiness is the best way to defeat a bully boy.

    Tim Preston
    Working where I do is the most bizarre unreal experience that I've ever had. They spend thousands training you to do something and then make you do something else. They make you more flexible by taking you off flexitime and they encourage teamwork by announcing the highest performers every month :-S

    Andrew Height
    Fortunately you have a much more important inner life which they can' t touch. We are all free men and women inside our minds.

    Tim Preston
    Yes - just realised I'm an actor in someone else's dream here!

    Andrew Height
    Yes, Tim most are. Rubbish really. Better to struggle in your own dream than be unhappy in someone elses.

    Lucy Cutler
    A job is not a job if you enjoy it! It's a joy and worth taking a risk for!! I understand where you are coming from Andrew! X

    Andrew Height
    In the case of this particular person I think it is the fact that I am pretty much retired (very early) and can pick and choose how I use my time. You are right about the job thing and I am lucky enough to only do things I enjoy.

    Nicola Moore

    Vicky Sutcliffe
    I like the real world, especially when its in Abersoch x

    Andrew Height
    Abersoch is okay Vicky, but maybe not the real world my caller meant. His real world was one where I stopped writing 'rubbish' (my blog) or could expect a visit from the police. The 'boys in blue' as he put it. I'm pretty sure that left to him there wo...See More

    Andrew Height
    Sorry if this sounds a bit paranoid, but the last call from the police was really scary. Now he's threatening again I am really worried as he used to work for them.

    Kieran Goodwin
    Can the 'boys in blue' actually stop you writing about a nameless faceless being that may or may not exist?

    Andrew Height
    I think he believes that me being in the same town at the same time as him should be punishable by my execution Keiran

    Andy B D Bickerdike
    That dude is messed up..

    Andrew Height
    I fear that you could be right Andy