Friday, 15 August 2014

There's not mushroom inside...

I say, I say, I say (What you again)
My dustbin's absolutely full with toadstools
(How do you know it's full?)
'Cos there's not mushroom inside...

Lonnie Donegan's 'My Old Man's a Dustman' was probably the first song that I ever learnt off by heart. I'd play it over and over again on the spanking new Dansette record player that my parent's bought from the club book. It was on a long player and I remember Cumberland Gap, Battle of New Orleans, Have a Drink on Me, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour... But it was the dustman song that I remember best, and of course that lousy joke.

Yes, there's not mushroom inside.

Mushrooms are strange things. I love them fried for breakfast, with garlic as a starter, and in an occasional omelette. But when it comes to soup or mushroom flan... Well, I'm not keen.They aren't the most adaptable of edibles.

Yes, beyond fried, sauteed in garlic, folded into eggs, or maybe added to a pie they leave me pretty much cold and I'd love to find a really good recipe that isn't one of the above because, at the moment, we have a glut.

The mushroom season seems to have hit early this year and the field opposite the cottage is full of them. Last weekend our farmer friend dropped off two carrier bags full of the lovely round fungi and after numerous breakfasts of mushrooms on toast, mushroom omelettes, fried mushrooms with bacon, and a couple of garlic mushroom starters I have to admit that I begin to tire of them.

A large carrier bag full of the things still sits in the corner of the room waiting for an inspiration. All I can think of is mushroom soup... And I don't like mushroom soup.

Any ideas?

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  1. Jill Nelmes
    Mushroom risotto mushroom soup mushroom stroganoff

    Andrew Height
    Might try the risotto, but not the soup. Can I add beef to the stoganoff?

    Jill Nelmes
    Dry them in the oven and keep in an airtight container to add to things

    Andrew Height
    Good idea.

    Jill Nelmes
    I have them occasionally!

    Sharon Taylor
    I was also going to say stroganoff and yes you could add some thin slivers of quick cooking beef, paprika and some nice fluffy rice and it will be a lovely meal x

    Sharon Taylor
    I love mushrooms and eat them every other day it seems, so send them down to me if you don't want them xxxx

    Jill Nelmes
    Off course although just mushrooms is gorgeous

    Colin Tickle
    Sonya likes them filled with Stilton when we go out. Think the Stilton is mixed with breadcrumbs

    Ian Maclachlan
    I agree with Jill. I made mushroom risotto yesterday. A very satisfying dish. Great winter comfort food as we head that way too.

    Lorna Gleadell
    Could have shared them...................

    Jill Nelmes
    From girolles, ceps and porcini to the humble button variety, use the versatile funghi to create deeply savoury dishes.

    Andrew Height
    Plenty if you want some Lorna.

    Andrew Height
    Yes, I love the stilton and breadcrumb thing too.

    Andrew Height
    Winter? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    David Bell
    Season with a little oil. Wrap them in parma ham fasten with a skewer and bake or BBQ for for 15/20mins. Option to layer basil leaves between h and mushroom

    Andrew Height
    Like the sound of that David... is it barbecue season still/

    David Bell
    It's always BBQ season

    Sarah Keeler
    Fry them in butter for a few mins. Add cream. Blend. Best mushroom soup ever.

    Lynda Henderson
    Mushroom and leek bread pudding, so good!

    Lorna Gleadell
    Stuff them

    Andrew Height
    Ha ha Lorna