Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sunshine and snails...

I spend my time in Wales doing pretty much what I choose and this morning I chose to collect dead snails and photograph them in the sunshine. The snails demise, alas, was due to a scattering of slug pellets I made early in the season and now the shells are all that remain of the little creatures. It made me feel quite the killer, and for a second I felt more than a little remorse at being the perpetrator of such heinous death. They looked so beautiful upon my old terracotta table, with their swirls, yellows, greens and burnt umber oranges.

Maybe in future I'll leave them alone and let them live.


  1. Kevin Burke on FB
    Garlic butter and crushed tomatoes.. Nice dish

  2. Neil Barrett on FB
    Just think back to Brian on the Magic Roundabout,now how do you feel?
    Neil Barrett's photo.

    1. Andrew Height
      I never did like Brian.