Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A bit of a stew...

So just what is this motley crew, a medley of mangled vegetables or a feast in the making?

Yes, my vegetable’s appearance may not quite be up Sainsbury standards, but at least I know that they haven’t been coated in chemicals, washed in a solution of industrial grade detergent, and they certainly haven’t been zapped by radiation. Odd shapes they may be, but it isn’t because they are mutant veg, it’s simply the way they turned out – or turned ip in the case of the turnips.

My first small crop of veg, including some baby carrots, onions, shallots, turnips, peas, and a few French beans that didn’t quite make the photo call. A healthy enough crop, if not the most photogenic, and destined for a tasty beef and beer stew with - fresh from the garden - herb dumplings and crusty bread.

Once prepared who cares what they looked like? All my own backbreaking work - love, sweat, time, tears of disappointment and frustration - layed before me in a bowl of stew.

So was it worth it all the effort?

Yes, the stew was totally delicious.


  1. Sharon Taylor on FB
    it all looks fresh and lovely. Since when did taste depend on the shape of the fruit or veg? I don't understand this concept, we try and buy local veg and my 'half price' basic strawberries are the most delicious ones ever!

    1. Sharon Taylor on FB
      just thought I should have grown them myself............... maybe next year?

    2. Andrew Height
      Harder than I thought. I think I need practice.

    3. Sharon Taylor on FB
      well you have made a good start. As they say practice makes perfect, keep going x

  2. Clare Pritchard on FB
    I'm coming yours for tea...