Monday, 2 July 2012

Postcards from the Puckmobile - one.

Off into the big wide world…

Not the best of days to set out on my adventure and not the best of starts. I used to be so good at early rises but a warm bed at 5am on a drizzly Monday morning is such a sweet sorrow to part from. Still, I manfully struggled out of my cosy nest, moving the sleeping kitten to the bottom of the bed. No need to wake her yet, they’d be time enough for her to pack her bag before we left for the big wide world.

The shower, for some reason, was lukewarm. I hoped it wasn’t a portent of things to come, but I could hear raindrops pattering a tune on the window and sadly it wasn’t a cheery song. It reminded me of some Country and Western ditty I must have heard one time. I can’t remember the name of it now, but it was one of those too sad and too sentimental heartbreakers; the sort of song that makes you change your mind and stay doing the same old things you’ve always done. “Oh, this ain't nothin' new, sweetheart, I'll wait for you.” I think that particular someone was dying in the deep Montana snow somewhere.

Anyway, this wasn’t Montana, and it was only raining outside, not snowing - so guilt trip or not, it was almost time to leave. After all, it’s only for a few months and I’ll send regular postcards back – that’s what this trip is all about really; a journey and postcards from the places I end up in. Even so, I’ll avoid Country and Western programmes on the radio as I wend my merry way to wherever – sorry Whispering Bob.

Thank goodness I packed the Puckmobile up the night before. I’d have been drenched in moments in all that rain. Still, at least I knew that the windscreen wipers worked; the PM had new blades, I replaced them myself. Quite an achievement believe me, as when it comes to things mechanical I’m not exactly a Quick-Fit fitter. I’m hoping that my trusty Puckster holds up. Like me, he’s been around the block a few times. Beep-beep (parp)!

Showered, dried and dressed; Luna Lu and I were eventually ready and on our way downstairs with just enough time for some coffee. I take mine black but she has milk and sugar in hers, well she’s still a kitten - she’ll learn as she gets older. As I sat sipping my coffee from the big ‘Au Revoir’ mug (the one that they gave me on my last day at the sawmill), I remembered my promise: “I’ll be home by Christmas, don’t worry. It’s just something that I feel I’ve got to do. I’ll keep in touch, I promise; and I’ll be back before you know it.”

Ah, promises kept and promises broken – which will this be and will I be home for Christmas? Maybe I’ll be home before, or after - or perhaps I’ll never come home at all. Anyway, thanks for the really small card, I’ve taken it with me.

Okay, it was time to get the show on the road. I washed my mug, placed it in the carrier bag alongside the card and my brand new box of tricks, picked up Luna (who was clutching her small pink valise between her teeth) and stepped outside into the big wide world. Now where were my keys? Ah, in my pocket where I always keep them. Time to set some wheels in motion.

Opening the Puckster’s driver’s door, I carefully placed Luna in the wicker basket on the passenger seat floor and sat get-setting myself ready to turn the key. The PM’s engine choked itself to life and behind me plates and bottles shook and clinked like some noisy rock-and-roll number to drown out the quiet goodbye. Ah well, at least the rain had stopped.

Let the adventure begin - Wagons roll!


  1. From Facebook:

    Peter Sellers
    Good luck mate... keep us posted!

    Jamie Morden
    Spoke to Malc...I fell for it...You should do really should. On the road, video blog on where you've been, what you've seen and then a summary of the day...damn, i'd give up my TV license to watch that! :)

    Andrew Height
    I am Jamie, but first I want to do this.

    Jamie Morden
    God luck on your journey, i'll be watching...and waiting :)

    Andrew Height
    Yeah, anything can happen and probably will. I had a hard time deciding North or South this morning. In the end I chose South. You'l hear about it soon.

    Sharon Taylor
    hopefully I will be moved to my new house by then and you and Lune can stop by and camp on our drive...............

  2. It sounds wonderful...


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    1. Imitation, flattery, let's get this show on the road.

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  8. Stuff rubs off on me - besides I'm going to my own place and I've been planning it for years. Let's call it serendipity.

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