Saturday, 28 July 2012

Blue skies, back yards and beer...

Enough! I want to talk about the sky. I’m sick of the dark, although I know that there’s no avoiding it and that it will be back.

But for now… blue skies, back yards and beer.

The clouds were amazing last evening, so high in the sky and reminding me of tiny white fish scales. Picking up my beer I threw my head back and just sat watching them, the low sun casting the shadow of a dissipating vapour trail on the cloud screen high above my head. Blue - such a cleansing colour and the buzzing of the bees, the clouds floating by letting me drift with them, and cold beer. And for once I think I may have beaten the slugs. The damp has made them voracious but my tub of blue magic pellets seem to have done their work and yes... the foliage is winning. 

Want more is required?

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