Friday, 20 July 2012

Holly’s glass…

I’m still painting glass in glass world and it’s still a little slow, but at least it gave me time to paint this for Holly. It’s a kind of ‘This is Your Life’ glass. Of course Holly is only 18, but on her glass there’s the crab that chased her on Llanbedrog beach when she was 2, the three cats that she’s grown up with – Tia, Misty, and now Luna - Chester her horse, Benjie her dog, a couple of her blue-egg laying chickens, her favourite book when she was a baby gets a mention, a sheep (one of the many she has owned for a while), her guitar, an Ed Hardy tattoo, a few books as she reads avidly, a shrimp for all the happy hours we spent shrimping, and of course ‘catch a falling star’. She’s there too in her rose embroidered docs, her favourite band T shirt, shorts and tights, her piercings and wristbands, with her hair a rainbow of all the colours she’s dyed it.

I may start these as a line in my shop - aka: my expensive hobby. Wine, beer, champagne, etc. They won’t be cheap, but I think that they’d make a great present.

Views anyone? I'd be interested to know if you think these might sell and what you would pay for one.


  1. Kate Fox on Facebook:

  2. Emma Cholmondeley on Facebook:
    I think that these are a fab idea. I would definitely pay about £25.00/£30.00. Well worth it.

  3. Mike King on Facebook:
    They are truly, truly fab. I think people would pay but they would be dear say to cover the work

  4. Clare Tidman on Facebook::
    Awww they are brilliant... Pay anything if it captures someone's life like that.. Amazing x

  5. Tim Preston on Faceboook:

  6. Sonya Tickle on Facebook:
    I would set the price at about £25 - £30 also. If they are too expensive people won't pay... plus at that price people would buy more in the future..

  7. Sonya Tickle on Facebook:
    love them btw

  8. Sandra Bouguerch on Facebook:
    nice one andy, why don't you also do future life ones, with all your hopes and dreams xx for price i would have to know how long they take you? xx

  9. Lindsey Messenger on Facebook::
    amazing i love it......special and personal....yeah would pay at least £25 ...... let us know when to place orders!!! xx

  10. Dumitru Catalin on Facebook:
    ‎...priceless :)

  11. Catherine Halls-Jukes on Faceboook:
    Love them Andy - would be great idea for a wedding - silver wedding etc etc .....

  12. Carmen Robinson on Facebook:
    Love them Andrew yr so talented!!

  13. Andrew Height
    Thanks everyone. You've really helped. These glasses are pretty labour intensive but with your guidance I'm going to charge £32.50 boxed in one of my de-luxe carry boxes and see how it goes. Again, many thanks.

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