Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Postcards from the Puckmobile – two.

Travelling in the way I do is virtually more than I ever imagined. Okay, time to come clean for those of you who don’t already know - I don’t have a campervan and I’m not off on an actual wonderful adventure… but on the other side of the coin - I do virtually have a campervan and I imagine I’m off on a wonderful adventure. We all are (or can be), so why not come along with me?

“But why?” You ask.
”Why indeed?” I reply.

A friend of mine, a long term blogger, just recently gave up blogging out of the blue. He said that he couldn't take the responsibility of it any more or the pressure to keep on doing it. I understand what he means but he also reminded me of something else – it’s meant to be fun. I need to have more fun in my blog.

My dream is to make this trip in an old campervan in reality; truth is I know I may never make it - what with the price of petrol, my tricky back, and energy issues. Of course, I may one day - but I really can’t wait, so rather than do nothing I thought that I might live it in my mind and share it with you. I don't know how far I'll get - I’ve only just started out and sometimes the Puckster is in worse shape than others - but we'll see. I hope this is okay with you.

I like to write you see and my job is to suspend your disbelief; so a talking cat, the tales I plan to tell, the people and things who travel with me… just as real as I can make them, just as real as you chose to believe them to be. No tricks and no lie – and guess what? I want you to help me out by getting involved in any way that you want. So, tell me where to go, ask me to try anything you like, or just leave it to me. All I ask you to do is read. Crazy I know – but where does our reality stop and our dreams begin?

“We choose to go to the moon.” Want to come with me? 

Yes, anything can happen and probably will, so this morning in all that rain, the thrump, thrump, thrump of the wipers almost drowning out Luna’s snores, I had a hard time deciding whether to go north or south. You see, I don’t know what I’m searching for or where I’m going or if I’m searching for anything or going anywhere at all, but the open road was in front of me, like a blank sheet of paper, making me feel as free as that proverbial bird. Mind you, I’m not sure what sort of bird I am – a crow, a peacock, a mockingbird maybe?

Anyways, in the end I chose south. No reason, but Luna said that she’d like to go somewhere warmer. If Luna were a bird I think she’d be a parrot, I never realised until we were off in the Puckmobile just how often she repeats what she’s just heard. There she was singing not quite along to ‘Lovecats’ by the Cure with about a five second time delay. Me? Well I’m more of a Blow Monkeys fan – but enough of the musical sidetracks for now.

The A556, how well I know that road. I must have driven it five thousand times but somehow today it felt different. Perhaps it was because we were off on an adventure, not for the first time and hopefully not for the last. Yes – the A556, well all journeys have to start somewhere and one road is as good as any other. Just a minute – I’ve never seen that sign before, it must be new, although it really doesn't look it.

What's it say?


No short cut?


  1. That's enigmatic... a metaphor for life. Whatever it is I would definitely see it as a sign.

    Looking forward to your adventures and it is so cosy that Luna is along for the ride.

  2. Richard Shore on Facebook:
    Let me know if you see Spindel on your trip

    1. He'll probably turn up in one form or another.

  3. Colin Tickle on Facebook:
    Google "where the he'll is Matt 2012" and watch the video. I can see you doing that.

    1. I loved that Col. Thanks.

    2. Colin Tickle He appears to be a phenomenon that I had missed until that one. I enjoyed finding out how it all started.