Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Telly time...

Here we go again, December first and the run down to Christmas. It hasn’t been particularly cold, there’s hardly been a frost and leaves still cling to the late autumn trees. Christmas is on its way, but with the warmth of the weather you’d hardly know it.

I have mixed feelings about Christmas, I really enjoy the lead up with the scurry of present buying, the decision making process concerning food and beverages, and of course the hanging of the decorations, but when the day actually arrives it’s often those things that lead to such a feeling of anticlimax.

We always buy each other too many presents which means we spend ages ripping off whole forests of paper and then making the gifts into small mountains of nuts, alcohol, socks, pants, books and whatever else Santa has brought in his sack. These mountains get moved into bags and then sit in the hall languishing for days. Eventually, months later, they make their way upstairs and just before Christmas are deposited in drawers and cupboards ready for the process to begin all over again.

Food and drink play a big part in our celebrations and the meals seem to take weeks to plan. In reality Christmas dinner is just another roast, no different from a Sunday lunch, but it seems to take on a life of its own with an ego of gargantuan proportions. By the time it’s on the table I often feel that it would be so much better to buy a ready meal or even order in a pizza. Of course it isn’t helped by the fact that all the early morning bubbles, pre-lunch sherry, and cheeky beers whilst cooking, have gathered together to confuse time so that everything hangs in the balance until the very last minute before it needs to be served.

The decorations are fine once they are up, I even quite enjoy hanging them and of course it’s my job to sort out the lights. But by the time Christmas Day is over and Boxing Day arrives I am ready to rip them down and shove them back in their boxes in the cellar. Of course this isn’t allowed, so on Twelfth Night we have the panic of hours of decoration removal before the stoke of midnight to avoid the bad luck that enters the house should a single tinsel star be left hanging.

It may sound from all of this that I don’t like Christmas, but nothing is further from the truth. I actually quite enjoy it, I just wish that it could be a little simpler and not such a fuss of panic buying, last minute present wrapping, and mountains of washing up. Thinking about it I would actually like to sit down and watch some telly one Christmas afternoon.

Forget the presents and dinner. I think that’s what I’ll aim for this year, some telly time.


  1. Paul Whitehouse on FB
    This is a tough one. And as always with your posts Andrew, you are skilled at touching the right nerves (in a good way). Like you, i love the run up to the big day but i do confess to a few frustrations along the way. I hate the way if you voice even the most minor Christmas-related complaint, some 'observer' will always chime in with 'bah humbug' as their witty retort. NO I'm not being a misery I'm just voicing my frustration at the fact people in the supermarket car park were practically assaulting each other to get a trolley cus there were none to be had.
    I couldn't agree more about wanting to take the decs down on Boxing Day...something about an empty stage once the show has finished...and the stars have left. time to tidy up and leave clean until the next one, not to be reminded for the next 7 days that the big day has been and gone and all that lies ahead are cold days, snow causing commuting hell, massive winter fuel bills and a VERY long time until sunshine and hot holidays.
    Whilst i like the decorations it is always nice to see the house tidy and back to normal.
    I also hate a mild Christmas day...it absolutely HAS to be freezing but doubtless it will be just wet and foggy. Before my FB friends feel a self-satisfied urge to (wittily) comment 'bah humbug' on this page, there is plenty that I do like and will share for better or worse...-in the words of Ant and Dec ' in no particular order'...
    1.Trashy American Christmas films mostly the ones starring Hayley Duff,
    2. Christmas Eve dinner-this year it's lobster thermidor and coconut shrimp on the menu,
    3. Baileys in hot chocolate or just Baileys,
    4. Lighting the log fire on Christmas morning and enjoying a coffee before anyone is out of bed,
    5. My home made rocky road,
    6. Chocolate coins -the satisfaction of peeling that gold foil off each one is immense!,
    7. Carol singers a callin'
    8. Visiting Jayne's family in the depths of Shropshire where there will be a warm welcome, log fires and great food...the full Christmas experience.
    9. Baileys flavoured cream.
    10. Marks and Sparks party food and their amazing spacial desserts.
    ......and then there was New Years Eve......,

    1. Andrew Height
      What time shall I come around on Christmas morning Paul?

    2. Paul Whitehouse
      More than welcome anytime Andrew!