Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bully for you...

What’s in my head today apart from the usual mash of glass painting, food, Chistmas and confusion? Well I guess that there are two subjects that keep popping to the front of my mind, Lady C and the decision to bomb Syria.

At first they seem to have no connection, but I can’t help but see the word bully in my mind when I think about both of them.

Firstly, bully for Lady C. What a despicable woman to treat the others in the camp the way she appeared too. Even accepting the careful editing by the program makers in order to make it as interesting as possible, there was no disguising the real anguish she caused to almost every member of the camp. Her attitudes, words and approach brought just about everybody down and there’s no doubt she was the catalyst for the rifts that formed. She wouldn’t be wrong, she wouldn’t be questioned, she name called and abused, and she believed she had some kind of divine right to do so. Add to that the evil eyed looks, her claims about her own intellect compared to the others, and her total lack of concern for anyone but herself and I see the classic bully. I’m glad she’s gone and I hope that’s the last I ever see or hear of the bitch.

The Government decision to send in the bombers yesterday leaves me feeling as beaten up as Lady C’s victims in the jungle. What a stupid move. Bully for them and their need to posture and play with other people’s lives. If they wanted to find a way to create more ISIS sympathisers intent on martyrdom then they’ve managed it. No matter how good our missiles are at only seeking out the baddies, innocent people will get killed and their kin will want revenge. There are so many bullies in this piece that I am left reeling. Cameron with his stupid actions and statements, the politicians who voted with him, the military, and of course Isis. The list goes on and on. Surely the politicians must see that they are playing directly into the terrorists hands and delivering what they want - a reason for a united Muslim war on the West. I only pray that there is another plan in hand that the public aren’t as yet aware of, hopefully a united approach to deliver us out of this madness.

So there we have it; bullies to the right, bullies in the centre, bullies to the left, bullies above and below and no chance for the public to vote out Lady C or to vote down the decision to send in the bombers; best that the public are voiceless, better still if they were silent; well not this blogger.

This turmoil of a world might be surrounded by bullies, held captive by bullies and run by bullies, but they’re not running me.


  1. Unknown left a comment on your post "Bully for you...":

    Don't often feel the desire to comment but the vitriol and posturing around this from politicians makes me feel physically sick...this is all about vengeance (which might be a valid reason if only they'd be honest and admit it) but it certainly isn't about making us 'safer'....the people we should be targeting, if any, aren't in Iraq...or Syria, they're in Bradford, Manchester, London, Birmingham...and every other area of the Country...and there'll be a few more of them after this vote

  2. Ian Maclachlan on FB
    Well said

  3. Kevin Parrott on FB
    Andy, I've already mentioned to you that I'm not happy about the bombing.... however, I have to accept the decision.
    I'm quoting you here from your blog above:
    ..."best that the public are voiceless, better still if they were silent".
    We live in a democracy.
    The Conservatives won the election.
    I know you and others aren't happy with that, and there's all the argument about PR and all that stuff.
    If Labour had won under the same system, they wouldn't be moaning about it.
    The government were supported on this vote by a majority of elected MPs from opposition parties, including your own.
    So, it is wrong for you to say that the public have been 'voiceless".
    You can't have it all ways.

    1. Andrew Height
      my view Kevin is that this needed a speedy referendum of some kind. You know the issues with elected representatives, whipped into towing the party line. No, we can't have it all ways because our system doesn't allow it. Public opinion is not to bonb, our politicians just want a good scrap regardless - bloody fools.

    2. Kevin Parrott
      But.... is 'public opinion' not to bomb?
      Who says so, how do you know this?

  4. Andrew Height
    I don't know for sure Kevin, but there are surveys out there. My point about being voiceless is just that; we will never know. How hard would it be to measure public opinion in this technological world? Not very, but instead we leave it in the hands of our elected representatives who at best are driven by career and reelection concerns. Other countries have a mechanism for this Kevin, so could we. But we don't we are just blindly led.


  5. Kevin Parrott
    I'm off to the pub quiz and a few pints of Stella...... catch you later.

  6. Andrew Height
    I hope you won Kevin. It was reported on the 10 o'clock news last night that 80% of the public was against the bombing. I don't know where that figure came from but that was what was said.

  7. Similar Brothers on FB
    Andrew firstly before I say I am not totaly in agreement with you, at last I have some one on face book that has something to say with conviction. Thankyou in bringing my faith back in FB. (Also always enjoy your Tommy Cooper style Jokes reffering as if they are mine over the course of the day.... keep them coming)
    However I consider myself a pacifist and pretty central politically with slight leanings to left. Until recently I too would have had strong views about conflict for the sake of showing power over countries and regions that we have no right to involve ourselves as a nation. But at this moment in history we do face a threat, as Hillary Ben so eloquently reffered on the closing speach from a faciest regime. No greater bullies are those history can teach us. Democracy has no place in their idiology. I have no beef with different religions, race. Difference is what makes us great and interesting as people even Lady C ( had a mad old trout relation like her ). But what I dont want is to be bullied by those who do not and will never give a voice to those who they suppress. We are lucky we live in a country that in many ways is forwad thinking. That has been built on years of conflict but we do have a voice. Its not perfect and hopefully each year/century will get more progresive, as long as we have conviction in what we believe, protest against what we don't either by our feet or shouting over the heads of those to be heard. Agree or disagree with the impending bombing lets agree that we are allowed to moot/debate these matters in a country that has held and evolved these principles.
    Btw on the matter of 80% thing 93% of all statistics are lies the other 56% are true.
    (Reply written waiting for client to arrive court6 Birmingham crown courts which if he doesnt will have no liberty to debate shit!)

    Andrew Height
    I agree with you Similar. It isn't taking action I am uneasy with it's the bombing which will lead to increased attacks and cause Isis to grow. I would flood the place with a multinational task force on the ground and take them out, hopefully this is being worked on as I speak. It'll all be different when the revolution comes, there will be lemonade for the masses and the populace will unite in a rounding chorus of on mother Kelly's doorstep. Meanwhile in a small coppice in Rutland...

    Similar Brothers
    Fair point well made. But as long as we have diet lemonade for the likes of me who have put on a couple of pounds waiting then you"ll hear me singing with the best of them.

    Andrew Height
    As the great Andrew Lloyd Webfoot one penned: Liberte, fraternete, insanete.