Friday, 16 October 2015

Ode to Rioja...

Ode to Rioja
Oh rich Rioja wine
With a better body than mine
Your nose is extremely fine
I love it when we dine
Oh deep Rioja wine
You undo my straight line
Tip me one over the nine
Send shivers up my spine
Oh warm Rioja wine
You match with my star sign
Without you I would pine
My heart and thee entwine
Oh jeweled Rioja wine
My soul is forever thine
You chase away my whine
My majestic queen of the vine


  1. Robert Mills on FB
    White Rioja is my favourite wine smile emoticon

    1. Andrew Height
      Must try that.

    2. Robert Mills
      I can only find it in Sainsburys, and the Indian restaurant in Pickering. It's gorgeous

    3. Andrew Height
      I will pop into Sainsburys then.