Friday, 26 June 2015

On the shortest day...

And that is that the longest day and shortest night; I hear the spirits in the trees as birds settle from flight. Smell the air and watch the moon, this night of faerie spells. I sleep a sleep of dreaminess and all that they might tell.


  1. Mel Mackuin
    Fab picture

    Andrew Height
    Taken from my cottage gate Mel. Thanks.

    Neil Barrett
    The Spirit in the trees, is he called Russell?

    Alan Buckley
    Great pic!

  2. Maggie Patzuk on FB
    I'm sure the fey are all around you! smile emoticon

    1. 21 June at 23:02 · Like

      Andrew Height
      Tonight Maggie as the last of the bees buzzed in the breeze and the blackbirds sang their warnings of danger, I am sure that I heard laughter in the holly tree. Now, as night draws in, I am hoping to go to their party when sleep comes calling. X