Monday, 15 June 2015

Luna and a Zen moment...

It was hot today, sunny and hot, the clouds coming and going and when they were gone it almost sizzled. Luna, sensible cat that she is, decided to take to the shade and as I watched her in my peaceful front garden surrounded by the pebbles I have collected and the symbols I choose to believe are important I thought 'Yes this is her place. She is really at peace in this moment'.

A Zen moment for she and for me.

At one with my cat. Peace and breath.

1 comment:

  1. Tim Preston
    wow ....

    Maggie Patzuk
    Pretty girl!!!

    Andrew Height
    Luna likes a bit of Zen time...

    Maggie Patzuk
    We should follow her lead!!!

    Andrew Height
    Zen and tonic for me wink emoticon

    Carmel Payne
    She's such an elegant cat. My next cat will be white.

    Andrew Height
    She is a very special person. You may not believe this but if you say be back by seven, she turns up at seven. Did I mention she has one blue and one green eye and a yellow tail? Did I mention that I give her my prawns instead of eating them myself? Did I mention that sometimes when she wants feeding she says 'Andrew food' -really?

    Maggie Patzuk
    I'm surprised she has to ask! Apparently Luna has more training to do with you! And indeed - she is a very special purrson!!!

    Kathryn Salthouse
    She is pussylicious