Saturday, 13 June 2015

Little garden snippets...

1. I'd forgotten that I had planted some Sparaxis bulbs in this hanging basket. Glad that I did now.

2. Blooming when I got back from Wales, the strangest freaky foxglove flower I have ever see. I wonder if I could cultivate it.

3. In one of my flower pots. Are they minions?


  1. Comments on spiders:

    Barbara Balding
    I read in the paper this week that we are going to be invaded by this spiders. Unfortunately I cannot remember what they were called.

    Barbara Balding

    Millions of 'exploding' yellow baby spiders invade Britain
    The harmless spiders stand out thanks to their yellow...

    Paula Braham
    Just a few then

    Andrew Height
    Thanks Barbara. There were at least 10 times as many as this Paula. I cropped the picture.

    Neil Barrett

    Tim Preston

    Maggie Patzuk

    Buffey Glandon
    Looks like Araneus diadematus babies...just a harmless European garden spider. Maybe if you start training them now, they can grow up to be your minions smile emoticon

    Andrew Height
    Exactly Buffey. Pretty little non venomous things.

    Buffey Glandon
    hopefully some will stay around and rid you of garden pests.

    Andrew Height
    I hope so. I left them in the pot.

    David Jones
    We had some in our garden too.....jet washer does the trick!!!

    Kathryn Salthouse
    No likey

    Andrew Height
    I like spiders. They do great good in the garden.

    David Jones
    My dog likes them too Andy! #snacks

    Lindsey Messenger
    Eeeeek I think they are!!

    Andrew Height
    That's okay then Lindsey, for a moment I thought they were spiders.

    Lindsey Messenger
    Weeelll they are a bit spider like

    Andrew Height
    Only the first five thousand!

    David Bell
    Wtf are they?

    Andrew Height
    The children of the Beltane David. Ridden any white swans recently?

    David Bell
    I did in the old days

  2. Comments on foxglove:

    Sue Mcnally
    omg thats amazing

    Andrew Height
    Spots on the outside too. First time I have seen anything like this. I think I shall collect seed. Who knows?

    Joely Saffron Sant
    Omg I've got one like that. I tried didn't work but good luck

    Andrew Height
    Cool Joely. Yeah, I know it's just one of those freaky occurrences.

    Bernadette Doyle

    Siobhan Harkin
    Crazy one!

    Gloria Brown
    Amazing beauty!