Sunday, 14 June 2015

Shhhhh - jaggers and taggers...

Yesterday was World Gin Day. Isn’t it great when you get an excuse to drink gin at five in the afternoon, not that I need an excuse really. There’s nothing like a good G and T to set you up and, although I don’t really mind which brand of gin is in it, I am far happier when the tonic water is made by Shhhhh - you know who.

I fondly remember listening to Hubert Greggs taking about his Jaggers and Taggers from the square chair as we drove down to Wales on a Friday evening after work. For a couple of years we left after picking Holly up from Brownies which meant that we would often arrive after 9 pm by which time I was ready for a couple of fingers from the dark green bottle with some Shhhh and ice and lemon.

Anyway, as I said yesterday was World Gin Day and it seemed tardy not to have a couple, particularly as it was warm enough to sit in the garden to drink them. Well, you know how it is with Gin, they don’t call it Mother’s Ruin for nothing and before we knew where we were we were half a bottle down with the rest of it looking to go the same way.

At some point I broke my glasses. I have no idea how; the arm simply fell off before my very eyes as if by magic. Of course I couldn’t see to fix them (what with the lack of my glasses), I simply couldn’t find the hole - as the Bishop once said.

Maybe it wasn't the glasses after all.

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