Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Just parked...

Sometimes I take a photograph and want to keep it, so I park it here. It isn't often that we get snow, even rarer to catch it falling. I like this picture. It looks cold and it was. No coffee in the backyard this day then

The snow kept falling for a couple of hours, big flakes leaving a covering of white a couple of inches deep. The robin appeared on the wall for a while turning the whole scene into a Christmas card a month or so after Christmas and then it started to thaw. I didn't get the robin but I'm glad I managed to photograph the yard in winter.


  1. Phil Ogden on FB
    Scandi-noir film set? Is the watering can facing that way for a reason??? And, why are there arms on only one chair?? We need to know!

    1. Andrew Height
      All will be revealed Phil.

  2. Sandra Bouguerch on FB
    Iced tea maybe?