Friday, 16 January 2015

Oh, we're going to...

I'm putting this here so that I don't forget. Well, this is my record and if it isn't here then where?

I'm not one for spoiling myself, the parting with money is never easy, but for once in my life I have (in my eyes at least) gone mad. Yes, I've booked a holiday in a three bedroom beach house in Barbados in August for two weeks. No matter that my old beaten up Mazda 6 is on its last legs and our settees are becoming worn. Who cares if my income is fixed and times are hard? I had a little money put aside for a moment of madness and this moment has turned out to be it.

Of course I am struggling with my conscience. I could have left that money in my savings account getting practically no interest, better still tied it up for five years and made a few hundred quid. But we haven''t been on holiday abroad for over ten years and I'm not getting any younger. Besides this is Gaynor's fiftieth year (Gaynor's the wife that many people mistake for my daughter), our Silver Wedding Anniversary, and our daughter Holly's 21st - so what better time to splash out on what will probably be our last holiday together?

We honeymooned in Barbados, and when Holly was ten had a great family holiday there together. We stayed in apartments on Hasting beach, nowhere near as grand as this. Yes, it's time to go back, time to make that splash  with its plunge pool, Gibbs Beach at the bottom of the garden, maid and cook, terrace, wet bar, barbecue, air conditioning, turtles, I won't go on. I'm sure there will be lots to tell when we get there.

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    Andrew Height
    Sam Little
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    Steph Rogers
    Looks amazing x

    Andrew Height
    Big year this year Steph. My wife hit 50 at Christmas, it's our 25th wedding anniversary and my daughter is 21. Time for a big blowout so we decided to go back to Barbados where we honeymooned in grand style this time.

    Steph Rogers
    Wonderful! Definitely a time to celebrate x

    Andrew Height
    A one off so we are going to make the most of it.

    Kathryn Salthouse
    Gorgeous x

    Ali Smailes
    Looks fab x

    Sharon Taylor

    Emma Cole
    Rather you than me, couldn't do with all that sun and relaxing by the pool. (just jealous, enjoy!)

    Carmen Robinson
    Looks amazing...!!

    Andrew Height

    Sam Little

    Sandra Bouguerch
    Wow x

    Siobhan Harkin

    Nick Jones
    Wow, nice pad. Hey, here's an idea - take a video camera and film a mock MTV Cribs episode - starring you as Jack Black, obviously.

    Andrew Height
    I might just do that Nick

    Andrew Height
    You know it's really not Sam

    Andy B D Bickerdike
    ok.. who else can fit in a suitcase?

    Lindsey Messenger
    Eeeeeek that looks amazing..... And just what you all deserve this special year for you all

    Andrew Height Yes Lindsey it is amazing judging by the reviews. The beach house is made from coral stone and very traditional. The beach has turtles at night and a coral reef just off it for snorkeling. It even has it's own cook and housekeeper. All very posh - far too posh for the likes of me. But as you say - it is a special year and we haven't been abroad on holiday for over ten years. Time to live a little I think.

    Lindsey Messenger
    Just sounds fantastic.... Yes time to live a little x

    Tim Preston
    It's not Spain though is it .....

    Tim Preston

    David Jones
    Congratulations! and enjoy, looks amazing! My wife is also the big 50 this year and it's our 10th anniversary so we are going to Sorrento, Italy in August. Not quite as swanky as this though lol!!

    Vicky Sutcliffe
    oooer mrs! looks fab

    Andrew Height
    Let you know Vicky.

    Phil Morgan it haunted?

    Andrew Height
    Apparently the ghost of a young female sugar plantation worker walks the house at night Phil.

    Phil Morgan
    I bet she's quite sweet then eh?

    Andrew Height
    Like buttered rum punch with molasses.
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    Jayne Butterworth
    We dont mind having a small room andrew! As long as theres a en suite ha ha! Even the shed will do the buttys lol! My 50th next yr shown paul the photos but not holding my breath! Enjoy u so deserve it. Life is for living. X

    Andrew Height
    Tell Paul to get saving Jayne.

    Alison Gee

    Lynda Henderson
    what the heck Andi!!! That is amazing I will meet you there.

    Andrew Height
    What the heck indeed!!

    Joan McGee
    Sometimes I just hate Facebook!

    Emma Cholmondeley
    Wow!!! You lucky things!! Mind you, you deserve it - enjoy xx

    Andrew Height
    I think that we will Emma. Still can't believe we 're actually doing it - you know how tight I am.

    Gloria Brown
    Looks absolutely fantastic, where did you find this gem, very romantic, ticks all the boxes and more!

    Andrew Height
    A local travel agent sorted it for me Gloria. Old fashioned I know, but that's me. They sent me half a dozen properties, all were fantastic, but this - as you rightly say - ticked all my boxes and more. It's called Waverly House and it's on Gibbs Beach in Saint James' Parish.

    Steve BishopLooks Fantabulous... plenty of Bob Marley between now and then to get you in the mood.

    Andrew Height
    I was thinking this Steve.

    Woah, I'm going to barbados
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is captain Tobias wilcock welcoming you aboard Coconut Airways flight 372 to...
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