Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A short boat trip...

There really is no blog tonight. I could talk about the great job I've done cleaning the ovens over the last couple of days, or the weather (the bitter cold which has had me shivering all day), I suppose I could even moan about my health. But as I said there really isn't much of a blog tonight.

I get spells like this. Times when next to nothing much seems to happen or catches my interest much. Mind you, I did read on the web today that Bangor Pier is going to try to get a lottery grant. I hope that they get it. It's a shame watching the pier dropping piece by piece into the sea. The council plan to make it into a tourist attraction again, even build some more kiosks. Maybe they'll even restore the jetty and run a ferry across to Beaumaris like they used to do years ago. If they do I'd like to take a trip on it.

I wonder if the captain would get bored? After all, Beaumaris can't be more that twenty minutes away even for a very slow boat. Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. I'm sure that there would be plenty to see, but after the first couple of hundred trips most things would be on repeat. Sometimes my life feels like that, not that I mind, sometimes I think I might even prefer it that way.

Oh well, that's that. Maybe I'll be a little more inspired tomorrow.


  1. John Hatton on FB
    Your blog gets me through the day!

    1. Andrew Height
      Cheers John. Today cleaning ovens got me through mine

    2. John Hatton
      I was on a sales training course learning things i learnt 30 years ago! Ovens and retirement sound like fun!

    3. Andrew Height
      Sounds like fun.