Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A55 - Sunset with swans…

Sometimes things just drop right and you have to pull off the road and simply take it all in.

It happened to me last Friday evening as I drove along the A55 towards the Llyn.

The A55 is such a wonderful road, castles either side of you, tunnels through mountains, the sea at your side for miles and miles. The first time I drove it I was so struck by the scenery. It seemed like a different world and it still does, even after driving along it hundreds of times I still catch things out of the corner of my eye that make me look and wonder – a sunset or sunrise, a cherry tree, low clouds on the mountains, the light on the sea - steel-grey-purple in the winter’s evening light. There’s always something more, I may have to blog the A55 as a series.

It’s my equivalent of the famous and long gone Route 66, just not as long, a lot wetter, and in Wales and not the USA.

Anyway, last Friday as I came through the last of the tunnels (the Pen-Y-Clip) I caught the setting sun. The sky above was a flat wash of light orange fading to blue and the sea a light blue-silver-grey and darkening all the time. It was so clear, so all encompassing that I had to pull off the road and simply take it all in. I sat in the deserted car park by the empty café just looking and then stepped out into the icy cold evening air, my breath hanging around me, and went over to the pond.

The poor birds must have thought I'd come to feed them because they swam slowly across to me - ducks, geese, and swans - and I took a few photographs.

Sunset with swans, how perfect.

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