Tuesday, 22 February 2011

We are not amused…

I like to think that I have green fingers. It’s a family thing. I come from a long line of growers, so this year I’m going to grow everything from seed.

I planted up a few vegetable seeds last Friday – some peas, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, all in small pots and trays. Maybe I'm a little early but as I’m going to start them off indoors, maybe not. I’ve placed them on the windowsill in the upstairs lounge where they’ll have plenty of light.

I also set some seeds for my Mother-in-Law (who resembles a shorter version of the Queen) whilst I was about it. Well, she has a garden going to waste. It isn’t quite as big as the one at Buck House, but I have time on my hands and she needs more interests to keep her mind busy and the Alzheimer’s at bay.

She took them home and as instructed carefully placed them on her kitchen windowsill. She’s been checking them since - every two days or so to see if they need watering also as instructed.

She seemed a little worried when I told her that we would be growing plants from seed.

‘We are not much good with plants’ she said.

I checked my seeds this morning and there was nothing through as yet. Well, what did I expect, seeds don’t germinate in just a few days, it usually takes at least a couple of weeks. Later, I popped around to Her Majesty’s (I’m good like that) just to see how she was and guess what - her peas and sweet corn are already through, even the peppers are showing signs of germination.

Maybe it’s the fact that her house is as hot as a greenhouse twenty-four hours a day, maybe it’s the other fact that she’s over-watered them, maybe she has the green fingers and not me after all. Or maybe, just maybe, I was right all along and she really is an old witch. Anyway what seed wouldn’t jump to attention with the Queen watering its pot.

Whatever the reason I think it’s true to say that; ‘We (that’s me) are not amused’.

I’ll keep you updated. Her Majesty and I (M’am as I call her) are planning to grow the peas in a piece of guttering at crown height on Her fence. It should be an interesting experiment – perhaps I’ll get a knighthood.


  1. Vicky Sutcliffe commented on Facebook:
    "I planted Celeriac, Spinach and Peas on Sunday.... looks like the mice have been in there already!"

  2. Vicky Sutcliffe commented on Facebook:

    "First time for me this year... Also growing Fennel, Pak Choi, Horseradish and going to try Ginger"