Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Yesterday's post...

No post again yesterday.

I was thinking that maybe I’d write about the death of Nigel Pargetter and how fate throws us all to the wind sometimes. Nigel died trying to remove a New Years Eve Banner from the rooftops of Lower Loxley Hall, caught by a gust and falling to his death in the shrubbery below. Such a shame, he was such a nice man, a gentleman at its most literal.

I considered writing about the end of the Christmas hols and the start of a New Year and how I was going into it with a new found enthusiasm and positivistic gusto despite the death of poor Nigel. It seems that life isn’t after all an everyday tale of country folk. It’s a bitch even in Ambridge.

I was maybe going to write about how thirty years to the day a very young me started work at Dale House, Dale End, Birmingham as a general artist making ads and having some great times with some even greater people, and how I miss those times. I might even have recounted a tale or two – the fake medicals that we set up, the even faker bomb that closed the centre of Birmingham for a couple of hours, the smoking and drinking and strippograms that were almost monthly occurrences back then.

I was working on ways of combining these themes when were walked through our front door to the sound of gushing water coming through the kitchen ceiling, well what little ceiling there was left. We spent hours mopping up the water, clearing up the mess, taking stock of the damage – the floor, the units, the recessed lighting, the shiny stainless steel appliances. A burst pipe in the bathroom… thrown to the wind by fate again.

So sorry about not posting, but thank God I didn’t have a banner on the roof.


  1. Well I hope your ceiling is sorted quick, but more about the antics of the past

  2. I think that might be the proverbial "it" for The Archers and me, as he really seemed to be the only likable character left in the thing, and they disposed of him in such a brutally cynical way. Sigh! And Helen-a-Handbasketcase pulls through!?!! I'd like to think that at least fictional life could be fair every once in a while, because, as your experiences at home have proved, real life sure ain't trying to be.
    Best wishes. M.

  3. I was wondering why I hadn't 'heard' from you for a while - I look for any notifications from you when I put the computer on ....
    I was going to Google - Nigel Pargetter to see who he was; but now I know ..
    Insurance is something we all have 'Just in case ...' Luckily, our kitchen/lounge ceilingsl/floors dried out; and Kingsley got up on the roof (lucky there was no banner to take down...) and sorted it out. 'Touch wood' we've had no problems since; and plenty of rain.
    Jed has been in Sydney. Kingsley has gone to Blayney for a few days - so "I'm Home Alone" .
    Look forward to some more notifications from you - a message would be nice!
    Good to hear that 'real life' is more positive.
    Take care
    Little sis

  4. So sorry to hear about your kitchen and congrats on the 30 year anniversary!