Monday, 10 January 2011


Okay, so I’ve missed a couple of posts recently and some of the features that I’ve been featuring don’t seem to be featured any more.

Well, I’ve a lot on my mind at the moment what with burst pipes, life decisions, my cold, and all the other stuff that seems to go around and around in my head these days. Its not that I’m not thinking ‘blog’, I am. It’s just that thinking blog and then making it happen are two decidedly different things. I find my blog goes best when there are lots of things going on around me. It goes particularly well when there are lots of good things going on around me. Unfortunately at the moment this simply isn’t the case. There isn’t that much going on and what there is isn’t great. Even the skies are grey.

‘Why don’t you do something about it then?’ I hear you say - well not actually you, but that metaphorical you that is actually me pretending to be you.

And the answer is I am. I’m trying all sorts of things. I’m trying to work my way through all this change that’s happening to me with a clear intention of getting to a better place at some time in the not very distant future. I’m trying all sorts of things. I have all sorts of ideas – some very sensible (like applying for jobs) and others not nearly as sensible (like maybe training to become a chimney sweep).

A side effect of all of this is that WAWL might see a few changes this year. I don’t know how it’s going to change other than to say I’m expecting it to be more of a journal than it has been. I also think that it might be a little more of the moment, well when I say of the moment I mean of ‘my’ moment, and probably a bit more ranty than it has been. I think sometimes that WAWL reads too much like an episode of the Walton’s, a quite dark episode admittedly, but there's a cosiness about it that I’m not sure I am going to be able to maintain.

I tell you all this not as a warning, but rather so that should it happen you aren’t surprised or disappointed or angry and go off and read somebody else’s blog instead of mine.

Anyway, who knows? I’m damned sure that I don’t. Only time will tell, and as long as you keep reading and commenting I guess I’ll keep writing.

So what about the Goldfinches? Well, after hanging thistle seed for over a year, and only getting one sighting of a single goldfinch last summer, my luck changed this weekend when four of them turned up off and on all day on Sunday.

In the old WAWL I’d have probably rambled on about how this might be a good omen, and how beautiful the birds were. I might even have broken into verse. Well it could be a good omen, and the birds are beautiful, but look at their faces – can you see something malicious in those red faced eyes, something ominous?

Night, John Boy.

By the way - Holly's photograph, not mine.


  1. Great pic Holly!
    And sorry to hear about your dark thoughts. You know there are others going through the same thing (or similar) but it doesn't always make it any easier, does it?...

  2. Fab photo Holly.
    I'll keep reading AKH but I must advise against the chimney sweep idea.

  3. Mike King wrote on Facebook:

    "Every silver lining has a touch of grey"....;"

  4. Yes It is a good photo Joan - but then Holly has the 30 x optical zoom camera.

    Why not a chimney sweep Bernadette? I think we are going to see more people reverting to natural fuels in the future with oil and gas prices rising. Wood may become the norm for heating our houses.

  5. Holly commented on Facebook:

    Jeeze, I am amazing. Jokesss

  6. Another of my favourites amongst the little birds that visit our garden, I think it's that vivid yellow and red that makes them so striking and vibrant when they arrive that they quite cheer the place up on a grey day. Oddly, when you take the colour away, or the finches become monotone - like the Greenfinch - suddenly they can look quite savage and you can see the raptor within...

    Be nice to the birds - one day we may be their slaves! M.

  7. Tim Preston commented on Facebook:

    Wow great photo and one of my favourite birds cos of the colours

  8. I'm sure it will be a good read however it evolves.

  9. Kevin Parrott commented on Facebook:

    About three years ago, we counted 28 goldfinches all in our garden at the same time. Now we're lucky if we see a couple.