Monday, 24 January 2011

Not quite, but almost...

January still has some way to go and my snowdrop pot is very nearly in bloom. My daffs are through, poking out of my home made bulb fibre, and one ridiculously early narcissus is in bud and wanting to flower – maybe next week.

I wander the garden looking for the damage of winter. Spaces where plants once grew, brown dead foliage, pots full of nothing when in other years things have over-wintered. The birds have pecked at my pots, looking for grubs and tossing the soil and seedlings onto the ground. The frost has cracked some of them; it’s even managed to get into the concrete of the drive, turning the hard surface to sand with the continual freeze and thaw of winter.

I struggle to find positives in the garden. It looks a mess and is continually damp. But my snowdrop pot is almost in bloom.

Not quite, but almost.


  1. If the "G" series repeat of "QI" on Friday is to be believed, then spring moves northwards at about one third of a mile an hour, so in theory, once the flowers start to bloom in Brighton, you could walk at a leisurely pace all the way up to the tip of Scotland and follow Spring as it,er, Springs... for about 8 weeks. M.

  2. Catherine Halls-Jukes commented on Facebook:
    we have none, transfered my snowdrops from the pot they have been in for 15 years to the garden, and not a shoot in site !!!!!!!!