Friday, 7 January 2011


It’s Friday and the weekends coming. Of course after Christmas, we’re all thinking about cutting down on our booze intake this weekend, but a little Jelly wouldn’t hurt would it? After all Jelly is comfort food, children’s parties, summer afternoons, wibble-wobble-wibble.

Try his jelly that I make when I need comforting. It’s really easy, delicious, and guaranteed to make you wibble-wobble-wibble.

Blueberry booze jelly.

You need: 1 bottle of St. Helier’s blueberry cider (it’s really blue). 1 Blackcurrant jelly (I used Hartley’s). Some Blueberries. A little vodka (about 50 ml - I used my home flavoured blackberry and some strawberry vodka).

This is what you do: Break the jelly into cubes in a jug and pour in 100ml of the cider. Heat on high in the microwave for one minute. Stir until all the jelly cubes are dissolved. Add the rest of the cider to the jug. Add your vodka. Pour into any glass you fancy leaving some room for blueberries (I used vodka shot glasses). Pop in some blueberries (as many as you fancy). Leave to cool. Put in the fridge to set.

Also try these using white or red wine, or cider if you prefer. You can also substitute the wine or cider for lemonade or sparkling water but then I add 1/3rd of the liquid as spirit.

Tangerine jelly and Gin with fresh tangerine (white wine). Strawberry jelly and Vodka with fresh strawberries (red wine). Raspberry jelly and White Rum with fresh raspberries (red wine). Blackcurrant jelly and Brandy with fresh blackcurrants (red wine). Orange jelly and Dark Rum with fresh oranges (red wine). Pineapple jelly and Tequila with fresh pineapple (white wine). Lemon and Lime jelly and Vodka with fresh limes (white wine). Orange jelly and Cointreau with fresh oranges (white wine).

Of course you can try any other combination that you want. Have a play, it’s fun, and let me know how you find it.

Don’t wibble-wobble-wibble too much.


  1. I can already imagine your new TV series (possibly "The Naked Lush" or "The Domeshhht-hic God") coming to a food channel near you very soon...

  2. I love the sound of those jellies. Maybe I'll start to use them to fill the small hours instead of Facebook?

  3. Tricia Kitt commented on Facebook: especially dark rum & orange/tequila & pineapple - take me back to the Caribbean!

  4. Catherine Halls-Jukes comment on Facebook: makes me think I could use up the skittle vodka with some jelly........