Sunday, 3 October 2010

Some tangled string...

Just look at that tangle. How did it get like that? And so much of it – yards and yards. It must have started out all straight and neat, purposeful. Over time, getting muddled and messed and ending up in a knotted, tangled, mystery to be disentangled with patience.

Not even knowing how it ended up as it did.

How to unravel it? Tease out the knots and tangles and make it useable again. Useable will do, not as good as new, nothing could ever do that, it’s been too long on the waves - but of use, able to fulfil a purpose.

Maybe if I could find an end I could make a start.

Or a beginning.


  1. Phil Ogden commented on Facebook.

    Phil wrote
    "I once saw a dog with a piece of string coming out of its rear. Turns out it had just eaten the remains of the sunday joint...(true story)..."

  2. Andy Bickerdike commented Facebook.

    Andy wrote
    "string is the master of all men!"

  3. Robert Mills commented on Facebook.

    Robert wrote
    "It annoys me when people ask "How long is a piece of string", when they try to deflect from giving a reasonable answer to a question.
    The answer to this age long mystery is simple really: Twice the Length from one end to the other".

  4. Tangled string - what are yiu going on about this time

  5. Great photo - I'd love to have the job of untangling that lot, what satisfaction it would give.