Thursday, 7 October 2010

Doldrums - a poem with palindromes...

Today is national Poetry day. I know because it was mentioned on radio 4 this morning as I drove along the M62.

Apparently we should all take some time out to read a little poetry on this very special day. Of course being me I had to go one better and decided that to celebrate this earth shattering event that I would write some.

I tried throughout the day, rhyming this, metering that, but nothing would come – I almost began to think that I’d gone all Paul McCartney. It was as if my 'oh so' poetic nature had deserted me leaving me on a far too flat sea stuck in the doldrums.


Well maybe some wouldn’t call it poetry, but if I read it it then it counts and you can tick the ‘done’ box on the ‘did you read a poem on national poetry day?' box.


Sometimes when I’m stuck in the Doldrums

Waiting for the breeze, a wind to fill my unfurled heart

I think of palindromic symmetry

Words for wind, a deed to make a start…

A dog, a plan, a canal, pagoda

A Fool, a tool, a Pool - LOOPALOOTALOOFA!

A dank, sad nap. Eels sleep and ask nada.

Are we not drawn onward to new era?

Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm.

Do geese see god?

Model truth: turtledom.

"Do nine men interpret?" "Nine men," I nod.

Strap on no parts.

I, Rasputin, knit up Sari.

Strays simple help, missy arts.

I'm a lass, a salad, new end alas as salami.

So I’m out of the Doldrums

Wording the breeze that fills unfurled heart

The magic of palindromic symmetry

A spell for the wind – stratagem, megatarts.

You may tick that box now. National poetry day over. Job done.


  1. I'm a lass, a salad, new end alas as salami.

    i might have that as my email signature.

  2. I borrowed it from Bowie (not really)

  3. Phil Morgan commented on Facebook:

    Beautiful, a dance with words no less.

  4. Hmm - have you read the Poisonwood Bible yet then? If not that's really weird - read it and listen to Adah.

  5. Next on my list Joan - the books are stacked up I'm afraid.