Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New fish...

Our new fish bought from the fish emporium where we bought Shadow, a replacement for fairground Bobrob who passed across the waters a while ago now.

It was one of those things. One moment Bobrob was swimming around in the tank and the next he was a floater.

I brought the new fish home in a plastic tube; distorting and magnifying him, making him look like a fearful creature from the Black Lagoon when really he’s just a friendly fantail with slightly bulging eyes and slipped him into the tank.

I didn't tell anyone, expecting Gaynor and Holly not to notice, but Holly did - and how underwhelmed was she.

Still, It didn’t take long for Shadow to make friends with his new tank-mate. He’s called Chips, yes, Chips. Holly’s choice. Underwhelmed or not she still got to choose the name.

Shadow and Chips - perhaps they’ll become a regular feature. I wonder if they'll have adventures, maybe they'll discuss philosophy, fight, perhaps they'll talk about fine wines - who knows?

Now what shall I call it?


  1. Colin Tickle commented on Facebook:

    I always enjoy your blog, especially the ones with sketches in. I think you went mad a few months back to be honest, but I think it suits you.

  2. Philip Morgan commented on Facebook:

    Justin Fishnu?

  3. I hope they become bestest friends.