Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wine day...

There are days when I almost fall into the zone without knowing it. I don’t intend or even know that I’m going there, but it’s where I end up. It’s a good place. A place of quiet reflection and raging thoughts where nothing can hurt me. I’m insulated, almost at one with whatever we are meant to be at one with and when that happens… Well, anything can happen. I know why poets and artist take opium or drink absinthe. I know why people climb mountains or wander across deserts. I know why others seek meaning in meditation. I know.

When I’m in the zone I have worth. What does it matter how I get there? If I can’t get there what am I? Just another easy to handle drone conformed and confirmed by a world without imagination or joy, just a target for the derision of men and women in suits thinking of new ways to keep people quiet. Keep them quiet, they might see through us. Give them cheap cake, but save the wine for us.

Well, I'll take the cake and the wine thanks.

We all have a chance of wine you know. Van Gogh cut off his ear, Gauguin fled to the South Seas, Dali steeped himself in a different reality, Picasso simply worked and worked and worked, Ray Bradbury refused to write pure reality and made reality as a result, Edward Lear fled reality and lost and found himself in nonsense, Sati made complexity out of simplicity. We all have a chance. We all have wine if we want it.

As a boy the zone was more easily accessible. All I had to do was pick up a crayon or load a paintbrush with powder paint and water and I was able to slip through the door and feel the buzz. These days, most of time, I have to work to even find the door except on days like today. Today is a day of wine.

It’s a good day. I can already feel it. Happy wine day to me.

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