Sunday, 5 March 2017

Lost in nonsense...

Mr James Justice Poke

Mr James Justice Poke
Did not have a coat
And the weather had turned inclement,
He looked all around
But all that was found
Was a goat with a smell quite unpleasant.
‘What am I to do?’
Exclaimed James Justice Poke,
‘My new shirt will be quite sodden.’
On further exam
He spied a small lamb
To replace the coat, he’d forgotten.
With both goat and lamb high
His attire would keep dry
So he arranged both upon each shoulder.
With immediate effect
Rain was kept from his neck
And it was warmer rather than colder.
As he walked into town
With his bleating new gown
He caused quite a stir with the ladies.
Both the lamb and the goat
Made a very fine coat
And it would certainly last for ages.
Thus James Justin Poke
With this one masterstroke
Was a magnet for womanly passion.
His lamb and goat stew
Was well received too,
There’s nothing like edible fashion.

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