Friday, 13 May 2016

The big thought thing...

Friday the 13th again but let’s not worry about it, they come and go and I’m still here and aboutish which is better than the alternative. 

It was windy last night and, for some reason I can't really define, I lay listening and thinking about how the difference between myself and a single cell amoeba isn’t that much at all. Oh, I’m bigger and maybe more intelligent - probably - but I’m still a tiny speck in the vastness of whatever this universe really is. Just a tiny insignificant spec. Nowhere near as big as a blue whale and small fry compared to a brontosaurus.

From there, as the wind blew these thoughts into my head, I got to thinking about what the very biggest creature in the universe could be and how big it actually is. Is it God? Does size really matter? There has to be a biggest creature, despite those much talked about infinite opportunities. I’m sure of that, just as I am sure that there are a finite number of planets - or at least as sure as I can be as I'm not counting.

That’s the problem with the big thought thing, I can only base it on my own belief set and my mind isn’t really up to believing that somewhere there’s a monkey blithely tapping out the complete works of Shakespeare whilst an infinite number of me live longer, shorter, same and very different lives or not, as the case may be.

Compared to all of this then Friday the 13th is pretty easy to figure and believe. Anyway, thinking about all these things as I fell asleep, the wind still blowing the windchimes around outside, distant monkeys rattling keys on an infinite number of typewriters, and vast animals cruising the deepness of the cosmos, I found myself laughing at the almost snoring speck in my bed as all those wonders moved on.

I'm lucky I don't take take myself too seriously.

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