Thursday, 19 May 2016

Becoming Beatrix Potter...

My coleus plugs arrived today and I immediately potted them up in the twenty small pots I'd pre-filled with compost in my wild, excited, expectation of them turning up. They were in pretty good shape - despite the Royal Mail - and seem to be good quality, so maybe this time I will succeed. My previous batch - from a different supplier - weren't great and only one-in-four made it to my garden. I complained of course and got a full refund, but it does make me wonder about the wisdom of buying mail order plugs. Anyway, this new batch seems much better and I'll give them a few weeks to see how they go then, if they are ready, I'll plant them out in early to mid June. It's strange, I've never been a big fan of foliage plants but somehow this year I seem to have got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about them.

My staged cold frame just about managed to hold them all along with the beef tomato I'm trying to grow. It has a couple of tiny tomatoes already but the trick will be getting them to ripen. I shan't hold my breath, but it would be nice to make my own beef tomato and mozzarella salad with a drizzle of basil oil (how very River Cottage) - which reminds me, I must do something with my basil seed pot, I won't hold my breath with the basil either.

I did however hold my breath when I noticed a little grey-brown mouse darting from behind my pots. Back and to, back and to he went. I have no idea what he was doing, but I'm sure that he was up to no good. For a moment I considered setting a trap or maybe laying a little poison and then, despite my better judgement, I though 'nah' just leave him alone; his life will be short enough anyway and he has a right to live it despite what he may do to my plants.

Oh dear, I think that I may be turning into Beatrix Potter.

Spot the mousie

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