Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dawn chorus day...

It was International Dawn Chorus day yesterday, the day when people are encouraged to go out in the wild and listen to the birds wake up. I was in Wales and luckily for me all I had to do was open the windows of my bedroom in the roof and listen.

The first bird started cheeping at a little after four, followed by another, then another and by half past four the world was alive with the sound of birds as the dawn began to break. I lay wrapped up in my duvet and listened. All I could hear was birds and the occasional bleat of a sheep.

Occasionally I'd get up and look towards the trees at the back where a lot of birds had congregated. I recognised a thrush and a robin, a blackbird or two, but to be honest I'm no expert on birdsong so as for which was singing what I really didn't have a clue.

I must have listened for an hour before falling back to sleep, lulled by the elaborate whistles and cheeps of nature and when I woke up again the sun was warming, the performance over, and I was freezing. I hadn't closed the windows.

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