Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cleaning the shed...

Today I tidied my shed. Well, when I say tidied it was more a full assault on a small area that was holding more than it could comfortably cope with. Yes, it really was floor to ceiling full of junk that I'm sure might come in handy one day, but hasn't for the last twenty years, so I decided not to wait.

Of course my shed was once the servants outside privy, so it isn't large. But that doesn't mean (as I'm sure those servants would testify) that it isn't useful. Or at least it would be if I could only get in it.

I set-to and soon had the entire shed's contents strewn all over my backyard. Even I could not believe the amount of useless junk I had accumulated, and just where did all those plastic flower pots come from? Plastic feed sacks, fruit boxes, buckets with holes in, and more cobwebs that you could shake a spidery stick at. It all had to go, and six refuse sacks later it had.

Somehow along the way I even managed to create a broom stand and a potting table from a couple of crates and leave enough space for a stool! I can't wait to do some potting-up in this new, albeit limited, space and on a rainy day it'll be a good place to sit and pretend to be busy.

The electric light goes in tomorrow.


  1. Sharon Taylor on FB
    it looks fab Andrew Height, I am particularly liking the use of the pallet, we have loads of those useful things ;O) Every man needs a shed no matter what its size! I am looking forward to endless light nights after work pottering with the radio on, can't wait and I can picture you in your pottying shed, couldn't resist a pun no matter how feeble!

    1. Andrew Height
      Been pottering for weeks now Sharon and loving it. i have two sheds in wales, but this one is going to be my favourite I think.

    2. Andrew Height
      Wish I'd thought of pottying shed!

  2. Sue Mcnally on FB
    Your privy is to be envied sir!

  3. David Bell on FB
    You need to rethink the design of the four legged commode.

  4. Andrew Height
    David, I designed that hole for curry, big bucket though