Saturday, 11 October 2014

October back yard...

October’s turned up in my back yard and the pumpkin I grew in my borrowed garden (the one at my mother-in-laws) needs bringing in ready for Halloween. It’s a strange shape but I’m sure I’ll be able to do something with it – maybe a witch or a ghoul or something.

The plants have picked up a little now that it’s cooled down and the recent rain has helped. I’m determined to keep my pocket oasis tidy over the winter to avoid yet another big spring clean up next year. I may even plant some bulbs. Actually I will definitely plant some bulbs. It’ll be something to watch out for once we are through the winter. The first signs of life.

I drank a coffee out there this morning, not warm enough to sit but I can drink standing up. There was some sunshine and the air was cold, strangely damp, but crisp at the same time. I’m thinking that I’d better make the most of it as the weather is bound to take a big turn towards winter soon and that’ll be that.

Yes, I’m expecting rapid changes in my yard over the next few weeks. I wonder if I really will be bothered to keep on top of the dead plants and falling leaves. I’ll keep you posted.

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