Friday, 3 October 2014

A trip to the cottage - hedgehog delight…

When I first saw the hedgehog this summer I was delighted. There he was snuffling his way along the garden path towards the seed the birds had thrown out of the bird feeders. I love hedgehogs, despite the fleas, although I have no idea why. I think that it may be because it’s hard not to see them as Beatrix Potter characters, cute little bundles of needles wearing britches or aprons, or it could be because they always look like they’re smiling. They seem such jolly little things.

We've been feeding our hedgehog ever since with mealworms, raisins, apples, and cat food; which is how I managed to get this picture. Sometimes there are two of them. Often they are joined by a feral cat or two, which the hedgehogs don't seem to mind, and once a fox joined in the fun which was a bit of a surprise to all. Of course the appearance of the fox scattered the cats and turned the hedgehogs into spiny balls quick as a flash - until I shooed the fox away.

Inside the house Luna was going crazy in the windows, even climbing the doors to get a look at her wilder cousins. It was ages until the hedgehogs unfurled. I expect that they didn't fancy becoming fox's dinner.

It'll be hibernation time for the hedgehogs soon. Perhaps I'll build them a snug little house with some pegs to hang up their aprons on and a fireplace to keep them warm.


  1. Andrew Height
    And then he ran off...

  2. Lindsey Messenger on FB
    ......but at least you saw him x

  3. Laura Keegan on FB
    Aw lovely, you've helped fatten it up for the winter at least. Ours has cat food, Lola is not happy!

  4. Carmen Robinson on FB
    Brill!! X

  5. Gloria Brown on FB
    Great picture!

  6. Sharon Taylor on FB
    I know what you mean about them they are so cute. At our old house we once had some children knock on the door to say that there were some hedgehogs in our front garden, which was way smaller than yours. We came out and sure enough there were 3 babies and no Mum! As the cars used to roar up and down the dead end road we lived in we thought it would be wise to move them to the back which was much more overgrowm. Thinking they would have sharp prickles we donned gardening gloves, only to realise that babies are actually quite soft, who knew ) Anyway all babies safely transported and a few weeks later much larger hedgehogs appeared in the back garden, they had a feed of cat food and were never seen again. I always like to think that they came back to say goodbye which is why we never saw them again.

    1. Andrew Height
      I love that story Sharon and I like to think that you are right.