Sunday, 13 November 2016

Nobody important...

Farm boys and factory workers,
Nobody important.
Hundreds of thousands,
Pumped up with patriot.
Itchy woolen uniforms,
Ill fitting boots,
Marching with rifles,
To the sound of drum and flute.
Wave goodbye,
Wave goodbye,
Wave goodbye,
The six feet of the trenches,
No place for the brave.
Postmen and shopkeepers,
Nobody important.
Men of laughter and love,
With wives, sons and daughters.
Chocolate from home,
A letter or two,
Waiting for the whistle,
A call to die or do.
Shout goodbye,
Shoot goodbye,
Shout goodbye,
Running through no-man's land,
What was it all about?
Laundresses and milkmaids,
Waiting at home.
Over by Christmas?
Well yes, for some.
Over for ever,
Hopes, plans and dreams.
And all for king and country,
It all seems so obscene.
Remember them,
Remember them,
Remember them,
But remember that remembrance
Won't bring them back ever.

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