Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A question of fish and birds...

Sometimes I wonder where my silly thoughts come from. It doesn't take much to set my mind galloping off into the distance. Today it was a feather which set my thoughts in motion to make this odd little poem thing. It was a compulsion. I had no choice in the matter. Perhaps it was the honking of the geese. Anyway, Make of it what you will, I have.

A question of fish and birds

I found a feather on the path,
Dark blue, run through with shimmering petrol.
A feather from a passing bird,
A creature that flies,
Not a fish.
It made me question:
Where is this bird now?
If I searched the skies could I find it?
Why did it leave me this feather?
Birds pose more questions than answers,
But the fish came first.
So where did the feather come from?

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