Saturday, 23 January 2016

Death of an unknown man...

I was listening to PM on Radio Four yesterday when a report of an unidentified old man taking himself to the top of a hill on Saddleworth Moor to lay down to die came on the radio. Nobody knows who he was; he just got off the London train, went for a pint and then wandered up on the moor to lie on the ground until he ceased to exist. Of course my mind buzzed with questions, but as I listened to the three minute report I found myself keying this verse. I have no idea why, it wasn’t an experiment as an experiment requires planning and intention, it just happened almost automatically as I listened to the newsreader stating the facts. It was done by the time the report ended and I was left wondering where it had come from and why.
Death of an unknown man

I traveled from London on the day of my death
Train on a Friday
To Indian’s Head.
A pint at the Clarence
Then hard up the hill,
Darkness descending
To lie down with my ills.
It was wet, it was cold
I was done, I felt old.
Don’t ask who I am,
And don’t question why.
I am my own man
I’ve chosen to die.
Now as I lay me down to sleep
Shrouded in my mystery
I know this hill my soul will keep
As I become old history.


  1. Sonya Tickle on FB
    frown emoticon

    1. Andrew Height
      i'm hoping that this chap wasn't desperate Sonya. From what he did I don't think he was. It was just a way to go and we all deserve that choice.

    2. Sonya Tickle
      Just makes me sad x