Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The butcher, the baker…

Why is that everyone who opens a business these days calls themselves an entrepreneur? Surely if you sell overly priced burgers you’re a burger seller, if you sell cocktails you’re a barman and if you sell bread (even craft bread, whatever that is) you’re a baker. I don’t get it. How can a person who makes cheese (a cheese maker) be so grandiose to expect to be called an entrepreneur and what about the butcher and the candlestick maker? Are they entrepreneurs too? Is England not a nation of shopkeepers after all then? Is it a nation of entrepreneurs?

Of course some things lend their entrepreneurial hand to entrepreneuring more than others. Anything to do with websites and the worldwide web seems worthy of entrepreneurs, as does gaming and working out of a shed in your garden to make millions of pounds (a la Roald Dahl). But I'm not sure about cupcakes sold at farmer's markets or selling cleaning products through door-dropped catalogues.

Entrepreneur has to be something more doesn’t it? To me the word goes hand in hand with tycoon and magnate, but I’ve never heard of a candle tycoon or a bread making magnate. Of course the very dry dictionary definition simply says that an entrepreneur is: ‘a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’ It doesn’t mention top hats, or tailcoats, or swirling moustaches, and maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong. Perhaps I’m not a glass painter with a bit of a shop and no profit to speak of, perhaps I’m an entrepreneur after all.


  1. Tricia Kitt
    you are, my love - and according to GWB "the French have no word for entrepreneur" - take heart, maybe half the Europeans haven't noticed!

    Andrew Height
    That is most interesting Tricia smile emoticon At the Old Post Rooms I am surrounded by entrepreneurs, it really can be quite tiring watching them entrepreneuring all day whilst I paint some glass wink emoticon

    Tricia Kitt
    *giggle* - listening now to Nick Drake's "Time has told me"

    Andrew Height
    My favourite ever song, reminds me of my teens in Oxford and the girls I knew when I had rugby for blood x

    Nick Drake- Riverman
    Nick Drakes song Riverman

  2. Rick Lister on FB
    I'm all entrepreneured out mate - totally spent

    Andrew Height
    Andrew Height Keep the faith Rick.