Tuesday, 23 November 2010

JJJP Book 4 – Cake, repetition, and continued alliteration…

It is all repeated repetition.

So, back to the desert and beyond towards the keeper of the cakes.

Poor Cow Poke, he wasn’t a bad hombre, in fact he was in general a golly-gosh, giddy-up, god-goggling, graciously good hombre. Perhaps a little burnt bad around the edges, but generally gratifyingly good. It wasn’t his will to be grudgingly guiltily guided by that grubby, greasy, grandiose, god-forsaken, gloriously grandstanding Count Flavius. It was all circumstance, kismet, fate, chance. Yes, chance. You remember chance - there is only chance. Life is chance. Death is chance. Chance is chance. It is all chance, and after all Flavious had Sonia and The Cow Poke’s only chance was to use the Ju-Ju to get her back. The Cow Poke was sorry, seriously sorry, sadly shamed, shaky, scruples sacrificed - but his love for Sonia was sacrosanct.

Flavious wanted the Ju-Ju voodoo-hoodoo and in return he had promised to return Sonia. So this was no time to hang around – they had a boat to catch. They journeyed by foot, by giraffe, by parachute - through snow, and wind, and rain. They traversed the dusty deserts, manipulated many mountains, ran rolling river rapids, sailed several salty seas - until at last they came to the Lost Islands, or rather the Lost Islands came to them.

Nobody knew when or how the Lost Islands were lost and nobody knew how to find them again. In fact you couldn’t find them - you waited until they found you. You could seek and search for the mislaid, misplaced, missing isles but they would remain gone, vanished, nowhere to be found, until they decided not to be. They would find you in their own time. Yes time. You remember time - there is only time. Life is time. Death is time. Time is time.

It is said that where there is a will there is a way. But will is like time and chance. Life is will. Death is will. Will is will. It is all will. Sadly this ‘it is said’ does not apply to the Ju-Ju. His will, whilst wholeheartedly wholesome to others must never be willed as weapon against the Ju-Ju’s enemies – even Flavius. The Holy Peanut must never use the hoodoo-voodoo to save himself – so it is written, and said, and sometimes drawn - Amen.

Flavius danced his devilish dance of joy when the Cow Poke delivered him up the holy kernel king. At last the hoodoo-voodoo heart was his and without a single, solitary, seconds hesitation he released Sonia who, with an excited ‘Neeeeeeeeeeee’, wormed her way all over the Cow Poke as worldly worm women will.

The deal was done, hand-over complete. The Cow Poke had his Sonia, Flavius had his Ju-Ju hoodoo-voodoo heart, and everyone was hilariously happy… But just at that joyous juncture, that meaningful mirthful moment, a familiar figure emerged from behind the stoic stony stones of solitary solitude. Who is this? This may change everything or nothing.

I repeat. It is all repetition…

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  1. Tricia Kitt commented on Facebook:

    Tricia wrote "goodness, gracious, guzzle that!"

  2. Who is emerging from the stoic stony stones of solitary solitude? Chances are he will be smirking smugly as he smoothly tosses the double eyed coin of Chance.
    Chance is Chance & Chance is his domain.

  3. Mr Lloyd would you like to co-write the next instalment?