Thursday, 16 February 2017

Everyone should write poetry...

I think that the world would be a calmer and better place if everybody wrote poetry. Think about it, it's a great way to get things off your chest and your thoughts across. How great it is to be able to conjure a picture with just a few words, just a few lines. It's almost like making a mini-movie that runs in people's heads, different people's heads, different every time and unique to them dependent on their experiences of the words you use.

I've been jotting down poems for years and when I don't write them down they are there in my head anyway. I see and hear poetry everywhere, in conversation, on the news, when I read a book. Sometimes whole passages jump out at me and I see the rhythm and rhyme even when it isn't meant to be verse. Poetry is everywhere not just in those dusty poetry books at the back of the library bookshelves.

We probably all wrote poetry at school. Some of us may even have enjoyed it. But how many people do you know that write poetry now? Or admit to it. Poetry has a bad name. It's seen as 'worthy', airy-fairy, a thing that only some rather privileged effete young men and bored housewives do. Well, it doesn't have to be, it can be anything you want. Just listen to the words of John Cooper Clarke and Hovis Presley. It really is up to you. Go on, just give it a go.

Write Poetry

Everyone should write poetry,
it’s just words put together
one after each other
in a certain order.
It doesn’t have to be clever.
It doesn’t even have to rhyme.
No need to work to meter.
Just write down the lines.
Just write it down
anyway that you like,
it’ll be fine.
It doesn’t need to be in motion
or even Andrew Motion.
Wax lyrical,
get crucial,
you really don’t need consumption
or a pallor and no gumption,
there is no magic potion.
It’s just words put together
no pressure whatsoever.
Everyone should write verse.
Doesn’t matter if you use a pencil or crayon,
use a smile from a stranger,
a moment of danger,
a heartbeat,
a falling tear mopped,
a strong cup of tea,
a bad time stopped.
Everyone should write poetry.
Believe me
it’ll make you feel happy
even when it’s crappy.
I know that it does me.
It's the best sort of therapy.
Trust me and try it, 
you’ll see.

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