Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Today is the winter solstice, shortest day, longest night and from here on in it all gets better.

I pray it does.


I find myself praying in the deep black night.
I don’t know who to,
I don’t know for what,
I find myself praying
What else can I do?
It seems to be all I’ve got.
I find myself praying
And I don’t know why.
But some help (whoever you are)
Would mean an awful lot.
I find myself praying
In the dark alone.
Praying again?
I here myself groan.
I’m praying for not knowing,
For the last of the evening light,
For the storm blowing,
For holding tight to the kite.
For birdsong,
For cats,
For madness,
For coloured paper hats.
For Betty Boop,
For falling snow,
For bowls of homemade soup,
For the snug in a fireside glow,
For looping the loop-de-loop.
For becoming eccentric,
For falling rain,
For circles concentric,
For swirling down the drain.
For a curry with rice,
For a pad of plain paper
For not thinking twice,
For an unexpected caper.
For the smell of the sea,
For a ghost story in the dark,
For a dash of rum in tea,
For having a bit of a lark.
For bad jokes,
For speaking in clich├ęs,
For freeing a pig in a poke,
For final attempts in last ditches.
For being a bit of a bloke.
For trying not to worry,
For what will be, will be,
For never having to hurry,
For finding a long lost key.
For acting daft,
For trying my best,
For holding tight to the raft.
For whatever you suggest
For the best.
For clean bed linen,
For wine,
For robin song at night,
For correct spelling,
For a sign,
For getting it wrong or right.
For the opening of a door.
For a kiss and a paw.
For all of this and more
I find myself praying for.

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