Saturday, 27 February 2016

Happy Sausages…

There’s nothing happier than a pig in shit. But us British love our animals so that won’t that really do will it? We adore and respect our cuddly animal friends so much that we have some of the most rigorous animal welfare legislation in the world.

We cuddle them as we rear them, move then in luxury coaches, build houses for them that an estate agent would kill for and later, when it is time for them to go into the oven or frying pan, kill them as gently and quietly as possible.

We have zillions of rules and regulations concerning how cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits, deer and even ostriches are kept and reared. We like our animals to be happy and well rounded before we eat them, and why not? If we have to put animals in our sandwiches then the least we can do is look after them while they live their brief, but comfortable lives.

Of course a first class lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. Quality care pushes the price of production up because you can’t produce a happy sausage or contented burger without spending money in the process. But who wants to chomp on a miserable sausage or a sad sack burger? Our rules are far more stringent than the rest of Europe and therefore our animal products are generally more expensive.

We’ve self-regulated ourselves into being one of the most expensive producers of meat in the world. But so what? Who needs Europe or cares about cost when we have happy pigs for a bacon sandwich

Of course, there’s always the vegetarian option.

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  1. Tim Preston
    yes there is smile emoticon I think you're just lighting the blue touch paper and standing well back with this one Andy. Well, let me tell you! I'm not getting drawn in!!!!!!!

    Andrew Height
    I'm not Tim honestly. Most people aren't going to become vegetarian, so they should be happy to pay a bit more for animals not reared in misery. We lead the world in this.

    Andrew Height
    I love you Tim but check out radio 4 - Europe ten things sausages. Fascinating.