Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cat and mouse...

It seems that the sunny weather takes it out of you, especially if you are a cat.

Luna has been enjoying the sun these last few weeks and, as is the way of cats, finding lots of nice sunny places to take a nap. Anywhere will do; the top of a wall, under the hedge, in a nice cat nest in the long grass, even in the open top of the chiminiere when the terracotta is warmed by the sun.

Of course she can't be outside all night, after all she isn't that sort of cat. So when the sun goes down Luna finds herself a nice comfy spot to sleep the night away. And what better spot than besides her friend Holly's giant mouse on Holly's bed.

Say cheese.


  1. Maggie Patzuk on FB
    Pretty girl!

  2. Liz Shore on FB
    Looks like a great spot to me!

  3. Andrew Height
    I might sneak in and steal that mouse...